To: find your rep here

Subject line: How is [NAME OF CITY/DISTRICT] participating in the circular economy and how can I help?



My name is YOUR_NAME and I'm a resident of your district. I'm writing to you to see how I can get involved in helping our city participate in the circular economy. As you know, our current rate of consumption and production are not sustainable, and we can do a lot on the local level to ensure we make better use of our resources, like instituting a plastic bag ban!

I want to express how important it is to me that our city takes on sustainability initiatives to improve the lives of residents like me while having a positive environmental impact. Are there any committees or groups I can join?

I also want to share with you a toolkit for policymakers like you. It can help our city set reasonable targets and identify economic opportunities!

Thank you for your work and please let me know what our plans are to take leadership on sustainability issues and how I can get involved.