Subject: 3 sustainability ideas for our company


I'm reaching out to suggest a few changes we can make at our company regarding sustainability. There are three things I've identified that could make a huge difference, and some of them are really easy changes:

  1. Make Ecosia our default browser/search engine - just by searching, Ecosia plants trees where they're needed the most. Their financials are transparent, their servers run on 100% renewable energy, and they don't sell data to advertisers. It would be a really cool way to make our employees feel like they can make an impact at work.
  2. Find out how sustainable our supply chain is - we can do that here through signing up for a brief call with an organization called CDP.
  3. Get our building on renewable energyhere's a list of different commercial renewable energy sources. Let me know if there's any we're already using and if this is a possibility in the future.

I also sign up to Changeletter, a fun, bite-sized newsletter to combat climate change - I'd love to circulate it and get the word out!